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The book is well written in the form of a story, to put the main change managament concepts into an interesting context. There are not too much information about change in organizations, but the writter make it in a way that is easy to remember. Nice book as an overall view.

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Apr 01, Jesse rated it really liked it Shelves: non-fiction. A quick good read. Jan 10, Dallas rated it liked it.

Simple reading, the author tried to be creative by turning core principles into a person. For example Mr. Sponshorhip, or Mrs Budget.

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  • Who Killed Change Solving The Mystery Of Leading People Through Change.

What I got out of this book is core principles of management change. Jul 17, Maya rated it really liked it. Excellent book that will make everyone think about change and how we make it or refuse to make it come true.

Jul 22, Amy rated it it was amazing. This is a great book.

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It is written like a mystery novel and shows readers their impact on change processes. This was an awesome and very quick read! Jun 15, Marcy rated it it was amazing. For all those afraid of change Mar 18, Jennifer rated it liked it. Wonder how I can slip this to the leadership within my agency?

This book killed the loose change iny pocket.

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It's not that easy to pen down 'Change' as a character. Big Fan of Ken Blanchard. A true visualization of what happens in a corporate in an entirely unique way, even if they tend to accept change. Sep 28, Maroooo rated it liked it. Oct 14, Michael Flanagan rated it really liked it Shelves: management. A fantastic take on a difficult subject. Came away with a fresh new look on change, change management and the forces at play against change. Jan 22, Nick Woodall rated it liked it Shelves: entrepreneurship , fiction , business , business-fiction. I usually like Ken Blanchard, but this was a little on the dry side.

Good concept for a business book, just lacking in execution. If only all self-help books could be this good.

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  • Who Killed Change?: Solving the Mystery of Leading People Through Change.
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It was like someone had spent years inside my organisation and dissected each and every aspect with such accurate detail. Jul 13, Lene rated it really liked it. You get to rethink the process of the changes you have been a part of - and understand why things maybe didn't work out the way they were ment to.

It's quite unusual spot for book of that kind but I must admit that the advices at the end will be very helpful in every organisation. Mar 07, Michael rated it it was ok. Jan 27, Braxton Lewis rated it it was ok. A very quick read; about an hour and a half. Interesting way to write about leadership issues in a story format. Feb 01, Bob Schatz added it. I highly recommend this, fast, easy read, who done it of corporate change killers! Jul 15, Debbie Mcdonald rated it liked it. A little cheesy, as expected.

Who Killed Change?: Solving the Mystery of Leading People Through Change by Kenneth H. Blanchard

But cute. Good catalyst for discussions on changes in organization. There are no discussion topics on this book yet. Readers also enjoyed. About Kenneth H. Kenneth H. Ken Blanchard, one of the most influential leadership experts in the world, is the coauthor of the iconic bestseller, The One Minute Manager, and 60 other books whose combined sales total more than 21 million copies. Ken can be found at www. Books by Kenneth H. Trivia About Who Killed Change In both the very young and the old, having earlier exposure to an H1 flu—even one different from the strain that caused the pandemic—offered a level of protection not present in those who had never been infected by an H1 strain.

That could explain the unusual mortality curve in the pandemic. Thankfully, no flu pandemic since has been anywhere near as deadly. The swine flu pandemic killed an estimated , people worldwide, comparable to flu deaths in a non-pandemic year. But two avian flu viruses — H5N1 and H7N9 — have for years been periodically jumping the species barrier and infecting human beings. And like the flu, H5N1 and H7N9 are unusually deadly , particularly for the young and elderly, respectively.

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The PNAS paper suggests that this might be due to past flu patterns as well, with both groups having been exposed to flu viruses in their youth that offered them little protection against the new pathogens. If either virus were to mutate to the point where it could spread easily in the human population, the results could be catastrophic. But the PNAS paper offers hope that doctors could begin to design flu vaccination strategies that compensate for the strains that different age groups never experienced as children.

Down the line, scientists may even be able to develop a universal flu vaccine that targets parts of the virus that almost never change from strain to strain. Contact us at editors time. The flu pandemic killed an estimated 50 million people. That's what you'll find out in this witty whodunit. The story features a Columbo-style detective, Agent Mike McNally, who's investigating the murder of yet another change. One by one, Agent McNally interviews thirteen prime suspects, including a myopic leader named Victoria Vision; a chronically tardy manager named Ernest Urgency; an executive named Clair Communication, whose laryngitis makes communication all but impossible; and several other dubious characters.

The suspects are sure to sound familiar and you're bound to relate them to your own workplace. In the end, Agent McNally solves the case in a way that will inspire you to become an effective Change Agent in your own organization. A step-by-step guide at the back of the book shows you how to apply the story's lessons to the real world.

Key questions help you evaluate the health of your organization's change initiatives, and you'll learn best practices for enabling and sustaining the desired change. Ken Blanchard, PhD, is one of the most influential leadership experts in the world.