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When Christ, who is our life, appears, the resurrected righteous and the living righteous will be glorified and caught up to meet their Lord. The second resurrection, the resurrection of the unrighteous, will take place a thousand years later. Job ; Ps. If you're really interested in finding out about the true Hell and punishment of the ungodly please read you'll be amazed at the difference between the of biblical Hell, and I dare say this on my own, conjured meaning of Hell.

If you have questions on what I have said please speak I would like to be of service to clarify things to you. That is the plumb line we have that we should follow. Heb 4v A lot more effort could have been done to answer the questions. They might seem "stupid" but some people actually have an issue with some of these questions and caused people to doubt.

As i said, Christianity has been so subbed divided that many people believe different things. For example i don't agree that there are different gods in Christianity but rather that it is adjectives describing God. Neither do i agree with the fact of no Hell at all. I'm not here to have an doctrinal debate about it.

Neither am i here to change anyone point views or maybe change mine because you guys showed me in the word that i am wrong because the word is truth, and our opinions and doctrine needs to be aligned to the word of God. God bless you for your time.

Christianity Questions and Answers

What the Protestants did was commendable and many of you died for what i believe today. Note baptismS. Flowing into Matth Hope you enjoy the journey. All i want to tell you guys is, don't simply believe what anyone tells you, but check in the word. We shouldn't just believe what the pastor, preacher, minister, friendly blogger whoever tells us just because of their position, but because it is accurate to what the Word says.

I'm an atheist and I'm not stumped. Because instead of answering the questions, you basically avoid them by saying "god works in mysterious ways". That's not a logical answer And if Noah's Ark is only "a story" then what do you think the rest of the bible is?! Thank you!

Have a nice day! I have grown up in a christian family No I do. I just don't want to put my complete faith in someone I can't understand. Iv'e accepted him in my heart and still talk to him everyday about everything and anything, but I do not completely put my trust in him, and I know christians always say "You can never fully understand God so just put your trust in him" but many christians say that as if it's so easy and as if they themselves completely trust him, when in all honesty if God asked them to give everything they owned to the poor they would hesitate.

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If you completely trust someone, doubting them should be a foreign expression. Therefore I would like to ask questions in hopes that someone can explain them and help me more fully understand and trust God. I have been taught my whole life that God is all knowing. That he knows the future of all of us long before we are even born. So why did he create us? I know it seems like a really dumb question to ask but, if he loved us then why did he create us to go through all this suffering?

If he knew that Adam and Eve were going to fall I understand that he gave us free will therefore what Adam and Eve did was completely their fault then why did he create us? If he knew we would sin and turn away from him, that he would have to kill his son which would pain him greatly, that he would have to send us to hell to burn forever, that lucifer would fall Hell was created for lucifer, but why why didn't God just kill him?

Dosen't that mean God knew beforehand about all the suffering we would go through and the sin we would commit so he just let lucifer burn in a pit until we did eventually sin, so he could be set free for a while to torment us? I don't understand why he would ever create us to worship him, I mean he has a whole choir of angels up there worshiping him ALL the time.

So why would he need to create us at all? Why would he literally create us even though he KNEW that billions of us would be sent to eternal torment? Why would he let satan have that pleasure? I thought that he hated him more than anything else, so why let him torture us if he 'loves' us even though we sin? Why create us with free will if we really don't have a choice?

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I understand when the user YourNameHere made that whole analogy about hell Just in case you can't be bothered to find the comment: Your apartment building is on fire. I understand that the firemen are represented as 'God', sinners are represented as the person in the burning building, and the fire represents hell so the analogy does make sense a bit, but then if the firemen were all knowing as god is wouldn't that mean they know the fires going to happen before it happens? So then in the analogy they would have arrived when you called them rather than before, even though they knew the fire was going to happen and told you to trust them even though they knew what choice you were going to make, and if the fire represents hell that wouldn't it make sense to say that the firemen themselves made the building catch on fire just as God made hell?

So in a way your'e asking me to trust the very people that set my building on fire just because they are well respected by many others and they are 'trying' to save me. Thats probably not a good analogy but do you get what I mean? At this moment I've realised I have completely derailed and this is not just 1 question but actually a few I'm just gonna let you guys figure out what you want to answer and if you can please do. Because he loves us. When Adam sinned the ownership of earth and everything on it was given to Satan and God was making a way to grab that ownership back. Hence why God had to flood the earth because sin was so grand He wanted us to get a chance at eternal life.

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And conquered him. That they would recognize him anywhere. And when Jesus died in that cross he thought of us He loves us more than the angles that are up in his presence..

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  • And why is it hard? Hard to follow through and give it all up to Jesus? Because we need to EARN our way into heaven.. So if you wanna buy a car what do you do? You save money and sacrifice buying thise shoes or those clothes at the moment so you can have the money to buy that car.. Sacrifice the things we want now to do the things we need. Fasting, praying, reading the Bible, praising.


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    He sacrificed it all for us. For example Enoch. He was living so righteously before God that he never died. God took him to heaven with flesh and bone. I could keep rambling about this.

    But no one needs to push this onto you. Neither try to convince you. Those who want to believe will.

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    These questions are known by Christians and pastors collectively and instinctively, but none would admit it. If only the world new who God is then all the aforementioned questions and more would be answered. There is a reason why Satan is called a deceiver. It's more God created Satan but not as a deceiver.