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The Dim-bulb Radio Tester Description of what it does and how to build one. German Tube Tester Site in German. Probes Test Leads Made in America. Radios, phonographs, and more. Waves L. TheRadioBoard Forum for the homemade radio builder.

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For more info on how to access newsgroups: What is Usenet? Resistor Color Code Calculator on-line color code calculator. Downloads and original Hardcopys by mail.

Finding and Repairing Retro Radios Turned into a Successful Side Hustle

Ask here new and some vintage. Delco United Motors. This would include vaccuum tubes, coils, chokes, speakers and other hardware if required. Have a battery set or farm radio as they are often called? No problem, We can create a battery eliminator for you. Obviously these batteries are long gone and have been unavalable for decades.


Fear not though, we can help. Contact Us for quote. Listen to those vintage Christmas tunes or old radio shows on demand.

haulantithuase.tk To us the radios we fix are like fine works of art. Radios of the past are too valuable to be junked or to just sit and collect dust — they are to be treasured pieces that link us to the past and to rekindled the memories of times gone by when life was simpler.

For the average laymen, trying to repair a radio made decades ago can be quite challenging. Components were not well standardized in years past. Every manufacturer seemed to have their own concept of how radios were built. On top of that the sheer number of models available was staggering.

What makes many of these radios so valuable today is that many of the vintage and novelty radios were only on the market for a few years.

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