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A Child Called "It"

Hi there, my name is Joey. Today I'm just another something-year-old guy, living the suburban dream in southern California. But there's something my neighbors don't know about me. Something you'd never guess about me. Something, that up until these past couple of weeks, I'd never dream about telling you. Something you wouldn't believe. Life at 15 isn't easy for a girl if she's shy and hates the way she looks. Each day is heaven or hell, depending on who talks to her, or who doesn't.

So when she's finally accepted by a group, she doesn't refuse their party games, even if it means taking LSD. Soon she's taking little pills to wake up and others to go to sleep, and the days begin to blur. Based on a year-old's diary, Go Ask Alice is the intimate account of one girl's fatal journey into the world of drug addiction. Self-help expert Dave Pelzer teaches listeners how to let go of the past, and use negative experiences to make them stronger when tackling the future. Although Jodie is only eight years old, she is violent, aggressive, and has already been through numerous foster families.

Her last hope is Cathy Glass. At the Social Services office, Cathy an experienced foster carer is pressured into taking Jodie as a new placement. Jodie's challenging behaviour has seen off five carers in four months. Despite her reservations, Cathy decides to take on Jodie to protect her from being placed in an institution.

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Dave was in first grade when his unstable alcoholic mother began attacking him. Until he was in fifth grade, she starved, beat, and psychologically ravaged her son. Eventually denying even his identity, Dave's mother called him an "it" instead of using his name. Relentlessly, she drove him to the brink of death before authorities finally stepped in.

With faith and hope, Dave grew determined to survive. He also knew that he needed to share his story. A Child Called "It" is the first of three books that chronicle his life. Through publications and public appearances, Dave is now recognized as one of the nation's most effective and respected speakers about child abuse.

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I read this book before listening to it. I knew it would be good and it was. I recomend this. Being an adoptive and foster parent myself, this story is especially personal. I certainly can believe it may be all true and have heard similar stories in my area. Let this story inspire you to get involved! In my state alone there children in the foster care system looking for forever families. Would you listen to A Child Called 'It' again? It holds your attention with a very real story. Which character — as performed by Brian Keeler — was your favorite?

Dave Pelzer. Did you have an extreme reaction to this book? Did it make you laugh or cry? It made me cry. Any additional comments?

The brave survival story of little Shasta Groene

Highly recommended. Just a horribly sad story. I feel so bad for that poor child. How could a mother be that cruel? Listener beware: some of the incidents are utterly gross. Not for those with light stomachs. I truly hopes this helps educate others on child abuse. Other than that, I thought this was a heartfelt story of a child who overcomes all obstacles in the end.

With that said, considering the story's main character was a boy, you'd think they'd try a get a narrator with a younger voice. Safe to say, I wasn't too keen on the narrator as I thought this one's voice was dull and boring. Would you consider the audio edition of A Child Called 'It' to be better than the print version? I hate reading without someone reading to me, be cause of my dyslexia. It made me enjoy this book so much more. What other book might you compare A Child Called 'It' to and why?

There isn't anything like it. He read with emotion.

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I cried the first time and I will cry every time I read it. I had a similar life, and he taught me to keep my head up because its not over til its over. I also want to thank him, for the wonderful book he wrote. I read this book a few years ago and nearly threw it out the window several times. Not because of the book itself, but because I couldn't take anymore descriptions of abuse. I witnessed the abuse of my brother while growing up. It was not nearly as extreme as the authors but it brought back many memories.

For anyone that doubts the events in this book, please read the books written by the authors brother. When the author was removed, his brother became the target of their mothers abuse. He addresses and confirms many of the events in this and subsequent books.

fensterstudio.ru/components/hoqynyvec/vinuv-localiza-tu-celular.php What made the experience of listening to A Child Called 'It' the most enjoyable? I'm not sure enjoyable is the best term for such a dark experience.

It's an important book on a serious subject. It deeply affected me. I had a physical reaction to some of the horror described in this book. And yet its a book I would recommend to anyone who could stomach it. It's a very great book to read, but it's so sad, it touches your heart.

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I got very emotional while listening to this book and even got sick to my stomach during some parts. I feel that everyone, whether they've been abused or not, should listen to this book. It is very relatable and may open your eyes to why some people act the way they do. Brilliant book, beautifully narrated by Brian Keeler. A emotional and turbulent insight into child abuse. Everyone should take a listen, you will be truly moved. I have had the books for many years and as a person that also comes from a rough and unpleasant childhood, I was really on tender hooks and really felt for Dave and how he coped and did not give in.

I admire his courage and strength the then let the word know that he is a survivor and be proud of that. This book starts off on a positive note to give you the knowledge that despite everything you are about to read, there is somewhat of a happy ending. If it wasnt for this, the story would have felt hopeless and it would have been too painful to read on. This book made me very emotional - I just can't believe some of the things Dave went through. Despite how sad this book is, I highly recommend it to everyone, as it is a fantastic listen.

I have enjoyed it very much I will be getting other books by David Pelzer and will be telling others to read. I listened all in 1 go it upset me but it's good to listen too.